Are Lily’s Chocolate Bars Keto?

You may have noticed Lily’s chocolate bars at your local grocery store. You have probably also noticed that the package reads “sweetened with stevia” and “no sugar added.” So, then, this begs the question, are Lily’s chocolate bars keto friendly? Thankfully, most flavors of Lily’s chocolate bars are, in fact, keto friendly.

Of course, this does not mean you can eat it in unlimited quantities, and some varieties make better options than others. That said, you can certainly get away with a serving or so of a Lily’s chocolate bar without breaking your diet.

In addition to being keto friendly, Lily’s chocolate bars taste amazing. In fact, I would eat them over many other chocolate bars even if I was not worried about my carbs. Whether you like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with or without nuts, Lily’s has you covered.

Personally, I love the salted almond milk chocolate flavor. Though I like dark chocolate, I would be lying to you if I said I thought it was as good as milk chocolate. Typically most people in the keto community suggest eating 85 percent dark chocolate. This is because dark chocolate typically has much less sugar and more fat than milk chocolate does.

However, this advice is typically given because most chocolate bars are sweetened with added sugar. Naturally, the higher percentage of cocoa means less added sugar. Lily’s, on the other hand, sweetens their chocolate with stevia and erythritol. Interestingly, Lily’s milk chocolate actually contains fewer net carbs than their dark chocolate bar.

So How Many Carbs Are In Lily’s Chocolate Bars?

The amount of carbs in Lily’s chocolate bars varies from bar to bar. Thankfully most of the varieties are keto friendly. The only bar I would recommend staying away from is Lily’s Crispy Rice bar. This flavor packs twice as many net carbs than some of their other flavors. That said, let’s take a look at each bar ranked from the most keto friendly to the least.

carbs in lilys salted almond dark chocolate #1 Lily’s Salted Almond 70% Dark Chocolate

Though I prefer the milk chocolate varieties in flavor, this is definitely the most keto friendly variety. Not only does it only contain 3 net carbs per serving, but it is also loaded with 17 grams of fat. There are other flavors that also contain  3 net carbs but Salted Almond 70% Dark Chocolate takes the cake with its high-fat content.



#2 Lily’s Caramelized And Salted Milk Chocolate Bar is lilys caramelized and salted chocolate keto?

Who would have ever thought that the second most keto friendly Lily’s chocolate bar would be filled with caramel? This variety is without a doubt one of my favorite flavors. One serving contains 3 net carbs and 15 grams of keto friendly fats. That said, there are only two serving in each bar and just a few bits can be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.



Lily's keto milk chocolate bar #3 Lily’s Creamy Milk Chocolate

Lily’s Creamy Milk Chocolate is unbelievably good. This rich and creamy keto friendly chocolate bar also only contains 3 net carbs per serving. The only reason it is 3rd on my list is that it has one less gram of fat than the caramelized and salted bar. That said, at 3 net carbs, 14 grams of fat, and with its amazing flavor, this is definitely one of my go-to keto chocolate bars.


#4 Lily’s Extremely Dark Chocolate 85% is Lily's extremely dark chocolate keto friendly?

If you are a fan of extremely dark chocolate, this is the bar for you. Personally, it’s a bit too much for my taste buds but don’t let that stop you. Many people love this variety and it is loaded with 20 grams of fat per serving. It only has  4 net carbs per serving as well. As rich and dark as this chocolate is, however, you probably don’t need to eat one whole serving to be satisfied.




#5 Lily’s Blood Orange 70% Dark Chocolate

Probably my favorite of the dark chocolate flavors, Lily’s Blood Orange takes me back to the chocolate oranges I ate as a kid. Though some say the orange flavor is not strong enough I think it has just the right amount. Each serving contains a nice 17 grams of keto friendly fats with only 4 net carbs.



is lilys extra dark chocolate keto? #6 Lily’s Extra Dark 70% Dark Chocolate

If you love dark chocolate but the extremely dark chocolate is a bit too much for you, I would recommend Lily’s Extra Dark. That said,  70% dark chocolate still packs a bit if you are not used to dark chocolate. Like the Lily’s Blood Orange this flavor is equally packed with 17 grams of fat and only 4 net carbs per serving.



carbs in lilys sea salt dark chocolate #7 Lily’s Sea Salt 70% Dark Chocolate

Lily’s Sea Salt Dark Chocolate is pretty much the same as the extra dark but with added sea salt. Adding sea salt to dark chocolate tastes amazing. The rich flavors of chocolate and added sea salt make this bar both sweet and savory. Like the extra dark and blood orange, each serving contains 17 grams of fat with only 4 net carbs. That said, all three flavors are equally keto friendly.



#8 Lily’s Coconut Dark Chocolate is lilys coconut dark chocolate keto?

Lily’s Coconut Dark Chocolate is definitely one of their best varieties, especially if you love the taste of coconut. Like the blood orange, Lily’s coconut has just the right amount of coconut flavor. The only thing that makes this one slightly less keto friendly than the three above is that it has one less gram of fat. However, at 16 grams of fat and only 4 net carbs per serving, it is still a great choice for the keto diet.



is lilys almond dark chocolate low-carb?#9 Lily’s Almond Dark Chocolate

Lily’s Almond Dark Chocolate 55% is a great keto friendly chocolate bar. I highly recommend this flavor, especially if 70% is too dark for you. The 70% bar is a slightly better choice because it has 1 fewer net carbs and an extra gram of fat per serving. That said, at only 4 net carbs and 16 grams of keto friendly fats, this bar is still a great choice for a ketogenic diet.



#10 Lily’s Salted Almond Milk Chocolate lilys salted almond milk chocolate keto

Lily’s Salted Almond Milk Chocolate is my absolute favorite keto friendly chocolate bar! Made with creamy milk chocolate and stuffed with salted almond it’s hard to go wrong with this one. The extra salt along with the sweet milk chocolate makes can kick both sweet and savory craving to the curb. In addition, it still only contains 4 net carbs and packs in 15 grams of keto friendly fat!


# 11 Lily’s Dark Chocolate Original

Lily’s Dark Chocolate Original is probably the most popular out of all of their bars. At 55% cocoa, this bar is not too dark and not too creamy if you are not into milk chocolate. Like the Salted Almond Milk Chocolate, it too has 15 grams of fat and only 4 net carbs. It is also, in my opinion, the last bar on this list I would suggest for a keto diet.



#12 Lily’s Crispy Rice Dark Chocolate is lilys crispy rice keto?

Lily’s Crispy Rice Dark Chocolate is the only bar I would not recommend for the keto diet. Though sweetened with stevia and much lower in carbs than most chocolate, it still contains 7 net carbs per serving. In addition, since you have 11 other delicious bars to choose from, there really is no reason to eat this one if you are trying to stick to a keto diet. The small amount of rice added to these bars adds almost twice as many net carbs when compared to the choices at the top of this list.

As you can see, all but one of Lily’s Chocolate bars are keto friendly. If you are not sure which flavor to try I would suggest ordering this Lily’s variety pack from Amazon and giving the crispy rice bar to someone following a different diet. In addition, you can likely find these keto friendly Lily’s chocolate bars at most natural grocery stores! For keto dessert recipes made with Lily’s check out my article 13 keto desserts made with Lily’s chocolate!


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