Are Pistachios Keto? (Maybe, Here’s Why)

Are pistachios keto?

Nuts are generally a great choice for the keto diet because they’re typically high in healthy fats and low in carbs; however, pistachios are quite different from all other types of nuts and therefore may not be the best option for those on keto.

Are pistachios keto? Pistachios could be considered keto-friendly because they only have 5 grams of net carbs per serving; however, many people consider them not to be keto-friendly because they have more carbs per serving than any other nuts. 

Although pistachios are the nuts that are highest in carbs, there are ways that you can include pistachios in the keto diet without ruining your progress. However, if the amount of carbs in pistachios is making you reconsider adding these nuts to your diet, then there are some great keto-friendly alternatives.

After reading this article you’ll learn:

  • If pistachios are keto-friendly or not
  • How to include pistachios on the keto diet
  • Which nuts are the best pistachio alternative for keto
  • What health benefits pistachios have to offer for those on keto

Are Pistachios Keto-Friendly?

Pistachios are a difficult food to classify because there are only 5 grams of net carbs in a 1 oz serving, which is relatively low however, there are nuts that are lower in carbs and are therefore more keto-friendly. This makes it difficult to determine if pistachios are keto-friendly or not.

Most people on the keto diet try to keep their net carb intake (total carbs – fiber = net carbs) to 25 grams or less per day to encourage ketosis and ultimately weight loss.

If you can have a 1 oz serving of pistachios and still have enough carbs leftover to comfortably get through the rest of the day, then pistachios are a keto-friendly option for you.

If you can’t seem to stick to a 1oz serving, or you find that you don’t have enough carbs leftover to get you through the rest of the day comfortably, then pistachios aren’t a keto-friendly food for you.

How To Include Pistachios On The Keto Diet

Pistachios can be consumed when you’re on the keto diet because as long as you’re staying within your daily carb allotment for the day (generally 25 grams/day) then you will be following the keto diet and encouraging ketosis.

To include pistachios on the keto diet you should stick to a 1 oz serving by portioning them out or incorporate them into a baked good where the serving size is likely even lower.

Keto-Friendly Recipes With Pistachios

The best keto-friendly recipes with pistachios are:

Pistachio Alternatives For The Keto Diet

If you’re someone who prefers to have fewer net carbs per serving than pistachios have to offer, then there are multiple pistachio alternatives that you could consider.

The 6 best pistachios alternatives for the keto diet are:

  1. Pistachio Extract
  2. Pili Nuts
  3. Pecans
  4. Pili Nuts
  5. Brazil Nuts
  6. Macadamia Nuts
  7. Walnuts

1. Pistachio Extract

The best alternative for pistachios is pistachio extract because you’ll get all of the pistachio flavor but without all of the carbs. I love using pistachio extract in baked goods when I’m trying to keep my carb intake low but still want the flavor of pistachios.

2. Pili Nuts

The best nut alternative for pistachios is pili nuts because in a 1 oz serving they have 1g of carb, 1 gram of fiber, and therefore 0g of net carbs.

Pili nuts are a fantastic source of healthy fats and the texture that they have is unique because they’re smooth and they melt in your mouth. Pili nuts also come in a variety of flavors, which is great if you’re someone who gets bored of eating the same thing over and over.


3. Pecans

Pecans are the second-best nut alternative to pistachios because they’re very low in carbs with only 1.2 grams of net carb in about a 1/4 cup of pecans.

Pecans have a lower amount of carbs than pistachios, and they’re loaded with healthy unsaturated fat which is beneficial for the keto diet.



4. Brazil Nuts

Another great nut alternative for pistachios is brazil nuts because they contain 1.4 grams of net carbs per 1 oz serving, which is less than half the amount that pistachios have.

Brazil nuts are a source of unsaturated fat that will promote heart health and decrease inflammation, and they’re also rich in selenium, which has a plethora of health benefits.


5. Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are another nut alternative for pistachios because in a 1 oz serving they have 3.9g of total carbs, 2.4g of fiber, and therefore only 1.5g of net carbs.

Macadamia nuts are probably one of the most popular nuts for those on keto because they have a more neutral taste, so even those who don’t love nuts typically like macadamia nuts.


6. Walnuts

Last on the list for pistachios alternatives are walnuts because they have 2 grams of net carbs per serving. These nuts are packed full of nutrition but they’re last on the list of alternatives because they’re not as low in carbs as the extract or the other nuts.


Health Benefits Of Pistachios For The Keto Diet

Pistachios do have several health benefits for those on the keto diet, which should be taken into consideration when you’re deciding whether consuming pistachios while on keto is worth it or not.

The health benefits of pistachios are:

  • Reduced Risk Of Disease
  • Improved Overall Health
  • Healthier Cholesterol Levels

Reduced Risk Of Disease

Pistachios could help your risk of many diseases because they’re high in Vitamin B6, which has been studied extensively for its role in disease prevention.

Improved Health Outcomes

Studies have shown that consuming pistachios regularly could improve your overall health because of their fatty acid profile and the numerous sources of vitamins and minerals that they contain.

Healthier Cholesterol Levels

Pistachios can also help to improve your cholesterol levels by lowering your LDL cholesterol, which is the type of cholesterol that when elevated causes health issues.

This is especially important for those on the keto diet because you will be consuming more dietary fat than the average person. If the fat sources that you’re eating aren’t good quality fats, then you could increase your risk of heart disease. Therefore having foods like pistachios in your diet that help lower your “bad” cholesterol is ideal.

Final Thoughts

Pistachios may not be the best nut for the keto diet because they’re high in carbs than the other; however, if you really love pistachios, then you can include them as long as you stay within your carb allotment for the day.

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