5 Amazing Mini Keto Tart Recipes

mini keto tart recipes

All five of these mini keto tart recipes are some of my favorite keto sweet treats. Not only are they super tasty, but they are the perfect size for just one person. Though there are many amazing and tasty keto dessert recipes online, many of them are simply too large.

Being the only person in my house on a keto diet, it can be hard and often a bad idea to try and eat a whole cheesecake or batch of cookies by yourself. For this reason, I have made an effort to make plenty of personal sized keto desserts.

Each one of these mini keto tarts is baked in a 4-inch tart pan and is intended for one or two people. My goal with this list is to help you find a mini keto tart for any occasion.

Whether you’re craving chocolate, cream cheese, or something tart and fruity, something on this list is sure to satisfy your craving. All of these recipes are keto friendly, so long as you stick to the recommended servings. Not only are they low in net carbs but they are all loaded with keto friendly fats from nuts and butter.

#1 Mini Keto Cream Cheese Tart

mini keto cream cheese tart

I am a true fan of keto desserts made with cream cheese and this mini keto tart is no exception! The buttery crunchy crust and sweet cream cheese are a perfect match. Though it will affect the carb count, I like to top this mini tart with keto friendly berries.

Though too many berries might kick you out of ketosis a very small amount will contain very few carbs. Even though my recipe in the picture above features blueberries, other berries will contain fewer carbs. For example, 100 grams of blackberries contain 10 total carbs and only 5 net carbs.

Blueberries, on the other hand, contain 14 total carbs and 11.6 net carbs per 100 grams. Both strawberries and raspberries also contain fewer net carbs than blueberries. That said, you certainly don’t need to top this recipe with berries, but they do add some great flavor and nutrition.

Each mini keto cream cheese tart yields a total of 2 servings. Each serving contains roughly 354.4 calories, 36.4 grams of fat, 17.6 total carbs, with only 3.25 net carbs. Net carbs are equated by subtracting fiber and erythritol from total carbs. Note that these numbers were calculated without berries.


#2 Mini Keto Blackberry Tart

mini keto blackberry tart

This mini keto blackberry tart is great for someone looking to replace a fruit pie recipe. Since most fruit is off limits on a keto diet, it can be impossible to make some of my favorite desserts, like apple pie. Thankfully, you can still get away with a small amount of some fruits on a keto diet.

Though technically a dessert, this mini keto blackberry tart is a great option for breakfast. It’s loaded with fats and is very filling, providing you will loads of energy to start your day.

When you add the buttery crust and keto sweetener, this dessert provides a flavor combo that is hard to beat. This keto mini blackberry tart recipe yields a total of two servings. Each serving contains about 292.5 calories, 29.6 grams of fat, 16.75 total carbs, and only 3 net carbs.


#3 Mini Keto Pumpkin Tart

mini keto pumpkin tart

One of the hardest times for me to stay on a ketogenic diet is during the holidays. It can be difficult to pass up on all the opportunities to eat some sugar-laden holiday treats. Thankfully, however, when keto desserts taste as good as this mini pumpkin tart, staying in ketosis through the holidays is a much easier task.

This mini keto pumpkin tart is the perfect substitute for pumpkin pie. Since many of you are likely the only people in your family on a keto diet, this is the perfect treat to take to a holiday gathering. That way, you don’t feel left out from the crowd and can still have your sweet holiday treat! And thanks to its personalized size, you won’t have 7/8 of a pie left over after the party to tempt you out of ketosis.

Don’t get me wrong, this keto pumpkin tart is not reserved only for the holidays. In fact, this is one of my favorite keto desserts to have year round. Like the other mini tarts, this pumpkin tart can substitute for an on-the-go breakfast. Unlike a donut or danish pastry, this mini keto tart will supply you with sustainable energy from keto friendly fats without all the sugar.

This mini keto friendly pumpkin tart yields two servings. Each serving contains an estimated 294 calories, 29.36 grams of fat, 26.12 total carbs, and 3.98 net carbs.


#4 Mini Keto Chocolate Tart

mini keto chocolate tart

This keto mini chocolate tart is unbelievably good! It is made with a chocolate ganache filling on a buttery crust. The chocolate filling literally melts in your mouth and while the crust is perfectly crunchy. If you love chocolate this keto tart is an easy way to get your fix.

Like the other tarts on this list, you will not be left with a whole pie when all you want is to small treat for a special night. However, unlike the other tarts on this list, this recipe yields a total of 4 servings. Naturally, this recipe contains more carbs than the others do.

That said, just one serving is rich enough to satisfy your chocolate cravings without breaking your diet. Each serving contains roughly 182 calories, 18.2 grams of fat, 11.45 totals carbs, and only 2.51 net carbs. With this in mind, you may be able to get away with two servings if you still have room for it with your diet.


# 5 Mini Keto Lemon Tart

mini keto lemon tart recipe

You can’t have a list of keto tart recipes without having at least one lemon tart. Lemon desserts are some of my favorite desserts of all time. The combination of sweet and tart is hard to beat and nothing says tart like lemon. In fact, when you think of a tart recipe, lemon tart is often the first that comes to mind.

This mini keto lemon tart tastes just like the real thing. Its tangy-sweet filling is baked on top of a crunchy buttery crust. Like the other mini tarts in this post, it is loaded with keto friendly fats and is low in carbs. In fact, at only 2 net carbs per serving, this mini keto lemon tart contains the fewest net carbs on the list!

Like the others, it is made on a 4-inch tart pan and is perfectly sized for one or two people. This mini keto lemon tart yields a total of two servings. Each serving contains about 242.5 calories, 24.15 grams of fat, 20.35 total carbs, and 2 net carbs


Hopefully, one of these mini keto tart recipes will satisfy your cravings without kicking you out of ketosis. If you enjoyed any of these recipes please share them with your friends and family who are living a low-carb ketogenic lifestyle. Comment below to let me know which keto tart is your favorite!


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